ART 308 at Saint Mary's College of Maryland with instructor Fereshteh Toosi

Friday, March 23, 2007

the 2 readings

By now, you should have READ 2 articles on installation art:
1- The Museum Problem (you should make a post with a photo) - from Deconstructing Installation Art by Graham Coulter-Smith
2- But is it installation art? by Claire Bishop (she is also referenced in the above article)

Thursday, March 22, 2007

projected schedule for the rest of the semester

W 28 March: Site-specific art, Nick Hayes. photocopy distributed in class on M 26 March. Look up some of the artists and writers mentioned to get a better understanding about the references. Post to blog and make a list of at least 3 questions to lead discussion... I will choose someone at random, so everyone must be prepared.
M 2 April: final project proposal due with sketches, posted to blog
W 4 April: proposal questions completed and sent to Chip Jackson. Please COPY me on the this email.
M 9 April: 1st in-progress crit
W 11 April: studio work day
M 16 April: 2nd in-progress crit
W 18 April: work day for installation
M 23 April: work day for installation
W 25 April: work day for installation
M 30 April: final critiques for installation... extra long class session?
M 7 May: documentation due to FT's box by 5 pm

Sunday, March 18, 2007

19-28 March schedule

MON 19 MAR :: welding skillshare with Joe and Jamie
HW: reading and post to blog: But is it installation art? - Claire Bishop
Please dress appropriately. Here's message from Jamie about what to wear:
-a bandana or baseball cap
-jeans that cover your boots
-cotton t-shirt or a flannel long sleeved shirt


Here's his website:

TUES 12-1:
I will lecture in LIBRARY 321 about new media and my work. Also eligible for your blog.
If you all want to have a mini-reception for the box art, we need to do that on Tuesday at 4:30. Let's talk about it in class Monday.

WED 21 MAR :: LED skillshare with Matt, Nick, and Iain
HW: bring work to submit to the student show

MID-TERM REVIEWS - I have posted a sign-up sheet on my door which will serve for all of my students in all 3 of my classes. Please sign up for a time there.

MON 26 MAR :: live art skillshare with Clare and Megan
Fereshteh out for lecture in Chicago
HW: Using the "Creating and Researching Ideas" handout as your guide, do some research to generate ideas or your final project and post to your blog before class. See handout for details.

WED 28 MAR :: web portfolio skillshare with Anita, Ya Haddy, and Heather