ART 308 at Saint Mary's College of Maryland with instructor Fereshteh Toosi

Friday, March 2, 2007

2nd half of the semester comments

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The new proposed schedule calls for us to spend the month of March doing the skillshares and looking/talking about artists' work, which is something I want us to spend more time on so that the last project won't feel too rushed or uninformed.

DON'T FORGET that the SKILLSHARES also include a component where you share 2 artists who use the skill you are demonstrating, and that you will need to make sure Lacey and I know if you need us to get supplies for you. You are also encouraged to assign HW/readings if you want us to do something beforehand.


April would be spent working on your final project, which will be due on the 25th (this is the same as the original syllabus).


Matt said...

im fine with the new schedule.

Megan said...

I accept the changes to the new schedule, but I don't quite understand the new grade weights. Why does our first project count for only 5% of our grade, which is half of the weight for participation? Personally, I would prefer that our projects have more weight, since we put so much work into them. Also, I understand why the last project might be weighted heavier than the previous projects (since it could be a sort of "final" for the class), but I don't understand why the Hope Chest project is literally twice the weight of the Wearable project. I feel like the first two projects should be equal in weight.

oo said...

the first project always counted for 5%, please see the original syllabus for more info. i usually tier projects to have increased weights as the semester progresses

what i have increased is the final project and the weight for the hope chest, which would have been 5% in the original plan, which follows below:
10% participation
10% skillshare + artist presentation
25% blog:
5% project 1: wearable
5% project 2: marriage
15% project 3: installation
20% project 4: self-designed
10% portfolio documentation of work

Megan said...

Ok, thank you for the explanation! :)

oo said...

10%: participation: attendance, tardiness, discussion
15%: skillshare + artist presentation
20%: blog: 5 cultural events, reading, hw
10%: project 1: wearable
10%: project 2: hope chest
25%: project 3: self-designed installation
10%: portfolio documentation of work